Monday, 22 August 2016

Developing Oral Language - Persuasive Language Topics by Petra

WALT:Practice how to show our opinions and how to be persuasive while doing it.

Today we did a warm up which included showing our perspective and giving the reason for that opinion.We had a range of scenarios to work with. Next time I think I need to work on elaborating my ideas.

Please give feedback and feedforward.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hey Room 10

    You have great actors in your class.You have showed people around the world make great choices like you. Next time show a better view. Keep up the awesome Job.

  2. Hello Room 10 I really like your video it is so funny it has comedy in it. I think this video is the best.

    Great job!!

  3. Kiaora my name is Aden and I'm from Room1
    I really like how you added details and made your video so funny you showed the way how to look after your things and propity
    In our class we read a bit of diary of a wimpy kid then the movie
    Keep up the good work. By Aden from Room1 panmure bridge school.

  4. Hi nice one Petra,
    I love it check through your sentences in page 1 and make sure you finish the last slide.



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