Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Year 7/8 TPS BAND

Here is a video of our Year 7/8 TPS Band

TPS Band 2016 from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Year 7/8 Camp 2016 - Camp Raglan

We are excited to be going to camp next week (week 7) to Camp Raglan. Our student leaders have put together a video that showcases where we will be going for camp and what we will be doing there.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Making Choices by TPS Student Leaders

Kia ora. At Tamaki Primary we have Student Council Leaders.
These students are the role models of our school and are great examples of our school values.
In this movie our school leaders will show you how they encourage other students to make positive choices.
Kia Ora

Monday, 22 August 2016

Developing Oral Language - Persuasive Language Topics by Petra

WALT:Practice how to show our opinions and how to be persuasive while doing it.

Today we did a warm up which included showing our perspective and giving the reason for that opinion.We had a range of scenarios to work with. Next time I think I need to work on elaborating my ideas.

Please give feedback and feedforward.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Valerie Adams Showing Values @ the Rio Olympics by Daimai

I am learning to explain how an olympic athlete has shown the 3 key values in the olympics
Today I was working on a google presentation about an olympic athlete and how this person has the 3 key values in the olympics and they are respect, excellence, and friendship.
To help my learning Increase Please leave a comment or some feedback and feedforward THANKYOU ;)

Valerie Adams Showing Values @ the Rio Olympics by Losana

Here is an Presentation which is explaining the 3 Key Values in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The athlete I've chosen to research and write about is Valerie Adams. Inside this Google Presentation, you will find the 3 key VALUES in the Olympics, and also detailed information about Valerie, and her latest competitions. You will also be able to find how she shows the 3 key Values in the Olympics which is....

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
Valerie Adams, had great Resilience, even though in her latest competition she came 2nd place overall, she still believes in herself, that she is able to achieve coming in 1st place, in the shot put competition.

Thank you for reading, about the 3 Key Values, and how Valerie Adams shows the main 3 values... Please leave some feedback below to hel myself improve more on my learning... Thank you

Thursday, 11 August 2016

NZ Women's Rugby Sevens Article Review by Ricky

WALT: use Bloom’s Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event.

SC: I can;

- identify key words in a news article.  

- use critical thinking skills to analyse a current event.

I worked in a group to complete a bloom's taxonomy task about the Olympics with my four friends we each had a slide to finish individually and put it all in one presentation to understand the text we used a skill that our teacher taught us call analysing but she taught us to always read the words you know and research what the other words mean next time i would like to work on my researching skills and my typing skill to type faster.

This is my writing: On the third day of the olympics The NZ women’s rugby sevens were awarded a silver medal when the NZ women's rugby team versed germany nz had lost to germany and came second germany came first NZ came second and canada came third.    

This picture is about the NZ women's rugby sevens.

Kyrie Irving by Bruce

Kyrie Irving is a 24 year old NBA player who is currently competing in the USA NBA team in the olympics. Kyrie irving is know to be one of the youngest NBA players ever. His team has currently won their first game against china.

Sport competing

Kyrie irving’s official team in the NBA is the cleveland cavaliers and is representing the USA basketball team in the NBA sport at the 2016 rio olympic games alongside other basketball players from different teams like golden state warriors,OKC,Sacramento Kings ETC... Kyrie irving was drafted in the NBA 2011 drafts and was the 1st pick for the cleveland cavs.

Skills and Injuries.
Kyrie irving’s first game was against the Detroit Pistons where he scored 16 points In the 3rd quarter,he got three lay ups,2 three pointers and 1 free shot. Kyrie irving is known to be the best dribbler in the nba association. He has had one knee injury due to landing on it awkwardly. He had to wait for 4 months until he could play basketball again. He is feeling better now and is competing in the olympics for the usa basketball team.

Kyrie irving has won the rookie of the year award in 2012, Most Valuable Player Award in the all stars game in 2014. People think that he may now be as good as stephen curry and is not far away with his achievement stats.

Here is a photo of his olympic team.

He chose one goal and that was to work hard and play basketball and he has achieved his goal.

Kyrie irving is the type of NBA player who works hard to get where he is and tries his best to achieve his goals. Because of all the hard work he puts into his NBA career and has made it to the olympics.He is an inspiration to young people.  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

BARK Reflection by Paris Webster

WALT reflect on the B.A.R.K New Zealand

Today we had a really interesting block with Heather and Tony.They were teaching us how to keep safe around dogs and they were giving us good facts about dogs.Heather had a dog called Dicyan and he has been trained well and knows how to listen to what people say (The Owner).He was a really cool dog.

Please leave a comment.....

Bark Presentation by Losana

WALT: reflect on how the BARK program came into our school, talking about how to keep ourselves safe while dogs are surrounding us.

So far I was able to find images of Dyson, and his owner Heather. They've taught me a lot about how to stay safe while, unsupervised dogs are running free around the environment, or even around yourself... The BARK program helps to prevent dogs, from becoming unfit, unhealthy dogs, to strong boned, and confident dogs... Without the BARK program some dogs wouldn't probably make it up to today.

Thank you to the Bark Program, helping dogs becoming what they should be, and caring for those dogs who need be specially treated!

Thank you

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: What Kind of Reader am I?

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: What Kind of Reader am I?: WALT identify what kind of reader we are Today I was identifying what kind of books I like to read, what authors I admire...

Paris.P @ Tamaki Primary School: My Strength

Paris.P @ Tamaki Primary School: My Strength: WALT: write one of our strengths and drawing pictures about what your strength means to me. Today My strength is Manaakitanga and Manaakita...

Friday, 13 May 2016

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Hauora and the school Values Kia Manawanui Whare T...

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Hauora and the school Values Kia Manawanui Whare T...: WAL how the school values can relate to Te Whare Tapa Wha. Today I was displaying how the school values relate to the Te Whare Tapa Wha. ...

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: My strength - Class Waka

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: My strength - Class Waka: Today I was creating a paddle for our class waka that has a strength on it, I chose the phrase "Growth Mindset"....

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Technology at Tamaki College - Week 5

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Technology at Tamaki College - Week 5:  WALT: Make things out of pewter. Today I was designing a symbol and I was getting reading to cast it with pewter. The symbol that I am m...

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Inquiry Task - TAMAKI VALUES - Independent Task

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Inquiry Task - TAMAKI VALUES - Independent Task: WALT identify what we see when we close our eyes and think of peace. Today I was listing down what I see when I think of peace with my eye...

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Tamaki Primary School Values

Maui @ Tamaki Primary School: Tamaki Primary School Values: WAL about the school values. Today I was creating a poster based on the school values, I made this so my teacher could print it out and ha...

Welcome October to Room 10

Talofa Lava my name is October I am 12 years old. My favorite subjects is math,reading and my favorite sports is rugby and touch. My teacher's name is Mrs Aireen and Kelly they are funny and cool cause they help me when I am stuck on trying to spell something. My strengths in maths divided bys and minus, What i am looking forward this year is getting up to 300 blog post. And the people I admire is Mrs Aireen and Kelly.

Welcome Lyric to Room 10

Kia ora my name is Lyric and I am a year 8 student at Tamaki Primary School I am 12 years old.

 This year I am learning in room 10 with the great miss Aireen's class, in her class I think I will improve much more than any other class. 

This term i will be working on raising all of my learning levels, like maths, reading, writting and art. 

My Favorite subject in school would have to be maths, because as we all know numbers never stops so that mean learning will never stop. 

In 2016 I am looking forward to completing all of my work that has been given to me.

Welcome Bruce to Room 10

Talofa Lava my name is Bruce, i'm 12 years old and I go to Tamaki primary (TPS) which is in New zealand,Aotearoa. Im am a year 8 and my teachers name is Ms Aireen and my teacher aide is Kelly. My favorite subject is maths and my favorite sport is Baseball,Basketball. The thing I am looking forward to this year is accomplishing my goals and getting ready to become a new student at a college next year.

Welcome Paterita to Room 10

Talofa Lava to you all My Name is Paterita and I am 12 years old My new Teacher is Miss Aireen,My Favourite Subject in school is Maths,My Favourite Sport is Touch and My favourite Food is Sushi and Macca's What I am Looking forward to this year is making new friends having fun and going to Camp and the People I admire is Johnny Tuivasa Sheck,My Mother and My Cousin.


Welcome Andre to Room 10

Talofalava my name is Andre and im 12 years old I live in Auckland and I am for Tamaki Primary and im a year 8 in room 10.My teachers is Mrs Arieen and my teacher aid is Kelly.My favorite subject is Maths Reading and Writing.The sport that I like playing is Touch and Volley ball.My favorite food is sushi and hot food.My strengths are lots of thing like Writing Reading and Spelling.Im looking forward to Technology this year because we are learning at Tamaki College.People I admire are my Grandparents because they help me and my Parents.

Welcome Kalo to Room 10

Kia ora,my name is Kalo. This year I have a different teacher and her name is miss Arieen. I also have a teacher aid and her name is Kelly. So far I really like the subject cyber smart because its very interesting.
 I am 11 years old and I am a year 7 currently at Tamaki primary school.This year I am looking forward to learning more in all of my subjects.

Welcome Nooroa to Room 10

Kia ora my name is Nooroa and i'm a year 7 at Tamaki Primary School in Auckland,NZ.My new teacher is Miss Aireen and my teacher aid is Kelly.My favourite subject's are math and P.E. I hope to improve on my decimals during the year.

Welcome Ajani to Room 10

Kia Ora my name is Ajani and I am 12 yrs old. My new teachers are Ms Aireen and Ms Kelly. My favorite subjects at school are Maths and reading. My favorite sports are Netball and Rugby League. My favorite food is sushi. The thing i am looking forward to do this year is making new friends and working in my new class. I admire Roger Tuivasa Sheck. 

Welcome Curtys to Room 10

Kia ora ,My name is Curtys from Tamaki primary school.I am 11 years old,My favourite subject at school is Maths and Reading,The sport that i like  is Rugby and softball,The one and only food that I like  are seafood and KFC.My Teacher for 2016 is  Mrs Aireen and Awsome Kelly in Room 10.My strengths is playing Rugby and learning more in School.What I am looking forward  this year is getting good grades on my Report on the end of the year for 2016.I'm looking forward to being in room 10 for the year

Welcome Starlyn to Room 10

Hi my name is starlyn and I go to Tamaki Primary and my teacher is Ms Aireen and some of my friends are in my class. I think the teacher aide in my class is funny. She makes me laugh all the time. I think it is cool in my new class. I look forward to an awesome year in Room 10.

Welcome Arohdyin to Room 10

Kia ora and my name is Arohdyin. I am 11 years old. I have a pet dog called Ken who I enjoy playing with. I love my mum. I have a cool teacher this year. I love KFC and hot chips and I love playing rugby. The two people who I admire in this world are my wonderful parents.

Welcome Losana to Room 10

WALT: share information about ourselves, now that its a new year, and also how everyone is a new classroom.

(Fresh New Start)

Malo E Lelei and greetings to you all, My name is Losana and I am a year 7 student, currently attending to Tamaki Primary School.

The classroom I am in for 2016 is Rm 10, the teacher of that classroom is Miss Aireen, and the teach aide of that classroom is Kelly.

In School my favouirte Subject is READING!!

My favouirte Sport is NETBALL, and my favouirte food is Mc Donalds!! 

This year I am looking forward towards making myself a better person, and also choosing the right path, in life.

I am also looking forward to thinking about what kind of crowd I would choose to surround myself with.

One person that inspired me was my sister Stephanie, the way she inspired was because, though she made mistakes in life she choose to pick herself up.

Another reason is because she told me when life knocks you down you choose whether to get back up.

Welcome Alone to Room 10

kia ora my name is Alone.
 I am 11 years old and i go to Tamaki Primary. 
My teacher name is Kelly and miss Aireen  
My favourite subject is maths 
My favourite food is hot chips 
My strengths are doing my double in maths.
I am looking forward to camp this year. 
I really admire my sister because she is alway nice to me  

Welcome Marwa to Room 10

Salam, my name is Marwa ,I am 12 years old and I go to Tamaki Primary School, my teacher is ms Aireen and I am in room 10. My favourite subject is maths,drawing and writing. My favourite sport is basketball, and soccer but the thing is that I suck at it, my goal is to get better at sports! My favourite food is my own culture food.What I am looking forward for this year is working hard and trying to reach 1000 blog post!

Welcome Faith to Room 10

Talofa lava my name is Faith and I am 11 years old and I am in room 10 and I am a year 7 and my school's name is Tamaki primary, my favorite subject at school is math and reading and my teachers name is mrs Aireen and my teacher aid is Kelly. My favorite sport is playing netball,baseball, and I love playing games with my family and friends and my top 10 food is Mac Donald. And I hope you like my best online profile.

                                                                 sofa sui'fua.

Welcome Daimai to Room 10

Kia ora, my name is Daimai, I am a learner at Tamaki Primary School, I am now Year 7 time can go so fast! My new teacher for this year was going to be Ms Tracy but then I got shifted to room 10 from room 9, now my teacher is Ms Aireen. My favourite subject is Maths my strengths are, using netbooks, learning fast, and I really like to play rugby it is my favourite sport. What am i looking forward to this year, I am looking forward to learning new kinds of learning and taking my netbook home, also to try my hardest to become a student council this year wish me luck!

Welcome Paris to Room 10

Talofa lava My name is Paris
Im 11 years Old

I Love to play different kinds of Sports.
I have 14 Kittens,2 Cats, 1 Dog,1 Puppy & one Rabbit
I love being outdoors.
My favourite Subjects at school is Maths,Reading & Writing.

My goals for this year is to make new friends and try to know more in our learning and try to join new sports and improve my learning
Also i want to go up in my learning and try my best to finish my learning tasks.

Welcome Falakiko to Room 10

 Mola E Lelei my names is Falakiko I am 11yearold my favorite subject is,maths,reading,sport,and testing new food.And my new Teacher this year is Miss Aireen,also Kelly and,my strengths is rugby,I am looking  forward to this year with my new Teachers and i admire my teachers as well.Thank you for listening.


Welcome Charlie-Ray to Room 10

Kia ora my name is Charlie Ray henry I am 11 years old. my favorite subjects at school is reading and maths
and also my favorite sports are rugby and softball for 2016 my teacher are Mrs Aireen and kelly there cool to work with because Mrs Aireen helps me to stay on task and also Kelly real funny when Mrs aireen is out of the class doing adult business. My goals for this year is to work hard and fespect others how want to be treated and also to be good

Welcome LJ to Room 10

LJ:Talofa Lava,My Name Is LJ i am 11 years old,and my favorite subjects are reading and maths.My Favorite Sport is softball.My Teacher is Ms Aireen and Ms Kelly.My favorite food is KFC and Chicken.I admire my Dad because he works almost half the day just to raise money. My sister and my brother work real hard almost half of the afternoon.I am the youngest in the family and I look foward to college and become a great student at college in 1 year.I will be the last person in the family to ever come to this school

Welcome Amelia to Room 10

Kia ora my name is Amelia, and I am 12 years old this year. My favorite subject is art and my favorite sports is netball and rugby and my favorite food is chocolate.My teachers name from 2016 is Mrs Aireen. My strengths for this year is to achieve my goals to the higher standard. This year I am looking forward to change my attitude and be a good role model. I admire my class to be good student leaders.

Thank you for reading.

Introducing Kahlicia

Kia ora my name is Kahlicia and Im 12 years old and I go to Tamaki Primary School. Im in Room 10 and my teachers names are Ms Aireen and kelly. My favourite subjects are Reading, Maths and Arts. My favourite food is Sushi and hot chips. The sports that I like to play Is Basket ball and touch. The things that im looking forward to is completing my work on time. My strenths are makeing new friend in my class.

Introducing Kauri

Kia ora, my name is Kauri. I am 11 years old, my favourite subject at school is Reading and Writing.
My teacher's name is Ms Aireen. I am good at games, video games. This year I am looking forward to meeting new teachers, and new students. I admire my friends and my family which are very helpful towards my work. I hope to improve my maths. I need to do that by listening to the Teacher, following the rules and instructions and never give up. And my Pets name is Snoopy. I live in Panmure Auckland, thank you for listening to my story "POROPOROAKI"!!!

A Fresh Year in R10 by Maui

Malo lei lei, my name is Maui and i'm 12 years old, my teacher is ms Aireen and my teacher aid is ms Kelly. I'm a year 8 and this year i'm going to focus on getting better at my maths. My favourite subjects are writing and art, My favourite sport is touch and I love food! I admire parents my parents because they work real hard to raise me and my little brother. Thank you for reading my online profile!