Thursday, 11 August 2016

NZ Women's Rugby Sevens Article Review by Ricky

WALT: use Bloom’s Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event.

SC: I can;

- identify key words in a news article.  

- use critical thinking skills to analyse a current event.

I worked in a group to complete a bloom's taxonomy task about the Olympics with my four friends we each had a slide to finish individually and put it all in one presentation to understand the text we used a skill that our teacher taught us call analysing but she taught us to always read the words you know and research what the other words mean next time i would like to work on my researching skills and my typing skill to type faster.

This is my writing: On the third day of the olympics The NZ women’s rugby sevens were awarded a silver medal when the NZ women's rugby team versed germany nz had lost to germany and came second germany came first NZ came second and canada came third.    

This picture is about the NZ women's rugby sevens.

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  1. Hi Rm 10,
    its me Toma from Rm 8 I like the way you used interesting words like Taxonomy even do I don't know what it means but you guys did really good work keep it up.


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