Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kyrie Irving by Bruce

Kyrie Irving is a 24 year old NBA player who is currently competing in the USA NBA team in the olympics. Kyrie irving is know to be one of the youngest NBA players ever. His team has currently won their first game against china.

Sport competing

Kyrie irving’s official team in the NBA is the cleveland cavaliers and is representing the USA basketball team in the NBA sport at the 2016 rio olympic games alongside other basketball players from different teams like golden state warriors,OKC,Sacramento Kings ETC... Kyrie irving was drafted in the NBA 2011 drafts and was the 1st pick for the cleveland cavs.

Skills and Injuries.
Kyrie irving’s first game was against the Detroit Pistons where he scored 16 points In the 3rd quarter,he got three lay ups,2 three pointers and 1 free shot. Kyrie irving is known to be the best dribbler in the nba association. He has had one knee injury due to landing on it awkwardly. He had to wait for 4 months until he could play basketball again. He is feeling better now and is competing in the olympics for the usa basketball team.

Kyrie irving has won the rookie of the year award in 2012, Most Valuable Player Award in the all stars game in 2014. People think that he may now be as good as stephen curry and is not far away with his achievement stats.

Here is a photo of his olympic team.

He chose one goal and that was to work hard and play basketball and he has achieved his goal.

Kyrie irving is the type of NBA player who works hard to get where he is and tries his best to achieve his goals. Because of all the hard work he puts into his NBA career and has made it to the olympics.He is an inspiration to young people.  

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